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USB2Midi 3.0 for Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32bit and 64 bit) has been released today, August 11, 2010. After being in beta for 3 months, a public build is now available for the public. USB2Midi 3.0 is the only program that allows you to output real MIDI from your USB Roll-Up devices. It works with both the Roll-Up Keyboards and Drumpads produced by companies like Dream Cheeky, Maplin and Brando.

USB2Midi 3.0 allows users to output MIDI to other programs and or hardware devices (a real MIDI output port should be available to send data to other MIDI hardware). USB2Midi 3.0 can be used to produce high quality audio and tracks with for example music suites like Reason.

Please feel free to send in bugs or feature requests. Many people asked if they could donate something via PayPal, although I made this for the community to enhance the experience, people who really want to donate something now have the oppertunity, Thank You in Advance!