Betrouwbaar, Persoonlijk, Hoge Rente

Although I made this program for the community, I got many requests of people who wanted to donate something. So I created a set of special features for the people who donate, just to say Thank You.

If you are so kind to donate 7 dollars (5 euros) or more, you'll receive a donation key. With this key you'll get extra bonus features and also get a real registration key if and when a paid version is released. The bonus features include:
  • Removes the Donate button from the program
  • Allows settings to be saved and loaded during startup
  • Allows the program to be minimize to the tray, taskbar or tray & taskbar
  • Ensures users who donate that if a paid version is ever released, they'll get a free registration key for their continued support
If you feel encouraged to donate something, please use the links below:

European Donations (EUR):

Worldwide Donations (USD):

Note: The codes are generated manually, it can take up to 24 hours to send the code