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Enables MIDI output from USB Roll-Up devices

USB2Midi allows you to output MIDI form USB Roll-Up devices. Currently it supports USB Roll-Up devices made by Dream Cheeky, Brando, Maplin and various other brands which use the same hardware.

Works with Windows XP, Vista and 7

USB2Midi works with all current versions of Windows (XP, Vista and 7), both 32bit and 64bit versions. It comes with two version, a x86 version for 32bit systems and a x64 version for 64bit versions. It works natively in Vista and Windows 7 and requires at least .NET 2.0 to be installed on windows XP.

Use your USB Roll-Up device with professional software

Due the the universal nature of MIDI, the USB-Roll-Up devices are able to communicate with all kinds of professional software musics suits like Reason, SoundForge, etc.

No need to install a driver

USB2Midi has no need for a driver to be installed. The program is plug n' play. Just run the program and select your MIDI Output port and your good to go. This means there is no need for administrator right, so you can use the program virtually anywhere.

Adds Unique features like Chord Delay and Selected Note Output

USB2Midi adds unique features to the USB Roll-Up devices not found anywhere else:
  • Left/Right Hand Selection: Just like with professional keyboards, you'll be able to assign a left and right side of the keyboard. For each side you can select the Volume, Chord Delay, Sustain and Instrument.
  • Volume: Sets the volume of the notes played. With this you can simulate hard and soft key presses.
  • Chord Delay: Due to the rubber, keystrokes aren't always registered at once. Chord Delay enables you to add a small delay (in milliseconds) for chords or simultanious key presses to be registered at once.Eleminating those nasty single notes being played when wanting to play a chord.
  • Sustain: Adds the ability to auto sustain the keys being pressed. This allows for the keys being pressed automatically for the set amount of time.
  • Instruments: Allows users that don't want to use the MIDI output and just play directly, to select and instrument and play (Do select the Windows Synth).
  • Note Output Select for Drumpads: Select what note and instrument should be played when one of the six drumpads is hit.

Fixes various problems with the original software

USB2Midi fixes various problems with the original software. It reduces the hit delay to a minimum and also fixes the one-note off problem, some users are experiencing the the keyboards. The engine used for decoding and creating MIDI output is highly optimized to minimize delay.

Donation Features

If you are so kind to donate 7 dollars (5 euros) or more, you'll receive a donation key. With this key you'll get extra bonus features and also get a real registration key if and when a paid version is released. The bonus features include:
  • Removes the Donate button from the program
  • Allows settings to be saved and loaded during startup
  • Allows the program to be minimize to the tray, taskbar or tray & taskbar
  • Ensures users who donate that if a paid version is ever released, they'll get a free registration key for their continued support