Betrouwbaar, Persoonlijk, Hoge Rente

  • Version 3.0.11 Build 12618:

    • Added MIDI Channel selector, to select MIDI Channel 1-16 for output
    • Added MIDI Percussion Set selector, available when MIDI Channel 10 is selected

  • Version 3.0.10 Build 81318:

    • Changed all links inside the program to point to the correct pages on www.usb2midi.info

  • Version 3.0.10 Build 53117:

    • Fixes a Loop problem when used with LoopBe1 and some third party programs

  • Version 3.0.10 Build 21013:

    • Program is programmed and compiled for .NET 3.5, please download .NET 3.5 (size: 2.7 MB) if not yet installed from here
    • Although the program now support music instrument selection, using it as an input to OTHER MIDI programs, still requires installing a virtual MIDI port like LoopBe1 and selecting that port in this program as an output port, and selecting LoopBe1 as an input port in the MIDI program of your choice
    • The name has changed from "USB Roll-Up Piano MIDI Output" to "USB Roll-Up 2 MIDI"
    • The support website for is available at: http://www.usb2midi.info
    • Changing Center C and Left/Right Hand assignment clears the MIDI Data Channel
    • Optimized MIDI data sending for even less delay
    • Added Left and Right Hand assignment, left of selected key is Left Hand, the selected key itself and everything to the right is Right Hand (The selected key is fixed compared to the USB Piano, not compared to the selected Center C, so changing the Center C does not change the Left/Right hand key)
    • Added Volume selector, set volume played by the keys pressed to emulate the velocity of hitting keys
    • Added Sustain selector, set the sustain for the keys pressed to a max of 5000ms (= 5 seconds)
    • Added Chord Delay, prevents the notes played in chords to be heared not at once because of the rubber causing hit registration delay (stay below about 150ms to prevent key lag)
    • Added Instrument Selection, adds the possibility of only using this program to emulate a real MIDI keyboard.
    • Added Drum Mode, supporting the Dream Cheeky/Maplin/Brando USB Roll-Up Drum Kit by switching to Drum Mode
    • Added Instrument Selection for Drum Mode, selectable for every individual Drum Pad
    • Added Volume selector for Drum Mode, selectable for every individual Drum Pad
    • Added MIDI Output Note selector for Drum Mode, selectable for every individual Drum Pad, so every Drum Pad only outputs the selected Note
    • Added a Donate button, many people asked if they could donate something via PayPal, although I made this for the community to enhance the experience, people who really want to donate something now have the oppertunity, Thank You in Advance!

  • Version 2.0:

    • First version released with new USB2Midi Engine

  • Version 1.0:

    • First version released with basic USB to MIDI functions, which can be found here