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Installation (including recurring First Time Usage screen)

After downloading and installing the program, the program shows the First Time Usage screen. This screen will only be shown once. However, when the program is installed via the installer AND it is installed in the Program Files directory (NOT the default install directory of the installer), the settings file cannot be written stored without Administrator rights, causing the First Time Usage screen to reappear every time. The solution is to either run the program "As Administrator" or during the installation of the program, don't select the Program Files directory for the installation (and leave it to the given directory, your User Directory). When the program is just extracted from the ZIP file, the program can just be run without any administrator right.

Outputting MIDI

The program defaults to the Microsoft GS Wavetable. The piano can be played directly and the sound will be outputted via the speakers. If you want to output the MIDI to a third party program, use a program called LoopBe1 (or other virtual MIDI loop cable). LoopBe1 creates a virtual MIDI cable between the output of USB2Midi 3.0 and the input of your third party program. Make sure you select BOTH LoopBe1 as output in USB2Midi 3.0 and as input in your third party program.

Video Tutorials

Check back here soon for video tutorials on how to use USB2Midi 3.0 with other programs.

Windows XP Remarks

For running the program under Windows XP, .NET 3.5 is required. .NET 3.5 is available from Microsoft: .NET 3.5